Frequenty Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PetSure Equine Veterinary Fee Cover?

PetSure Equine is peace of mind for horse owners who want assistance in reducing the cost of veterinary bills over the life of their horses.

Do you have any other PetSure Equine products?

We only have the one product available which is used for day to day veterinary treatment.

What benefits does PetSure Equine offer?

It covers veterinary treatments and surgeries for accidental injury and illnesses ranging from minor problems to major conditions such as broken bones, joint diseases, lameness, ENT conditions and biliary. We also provide cover towards preventative care such as vaccinations, deworming and dental correction.

How does PetSure Equine work?

Once your Vet has treated your horse, simply send in the PetSure Equine Claim Form along with your Vet’s receipted detailed account and receipt.  PetSure then calculates the benefit and sends payment directly to you. It is as simple as that.

What is not covered?

Like most insurance policies, PetSure Equine does have some exclusions to help keep your premiums low. These include, but are not limited to: Breeding, obstetrics, foaling or conditions relating to or resulting from breeding; Congenital or Hereditary defects or diseases, or conditions directly caused by such defects and diseases; Routine General examinations or vaccinations or treatment you choose to have carried out that are not directly related to a covered illness or injury unless part of preventative care under the routine component.

Can my horse visit any Vet I choose?

Yes, you can use any Vet who is licensed to practice in South Africa.

Are there any age limits for the insurance?

From 6 months to a maximum of 15 years as at inception of the policy. Once on cover your horse is covered for life providing your premiums are kept up to date.

When will my policy start?

Your policy will commence as at the 1st of the month following your approved application. Benefits will commence as follows:

  • Accidental Injury – One Calendar Month from horse’s policy start date
  • IllnessTwo Calendar Months from horse’s policy start date
  • Routine Care – From  the horse’s policy start date

When can I claim?

You may make a claim for conditions which arise

  • Accidental Injury – One Calendar Month from inception date for accidental injury
  • IllnessTwo Calendar Months from inception date for illness
  • Routine Care – from inception date (claims for Routine Care are processed but only refunded on anniversary date)

Does PetSure Equine offer benefits towards preventative treatment?

Yes, we recommend and encourage annual vaccinations etc. A contribution towards these benefits is included in the Routine Care cover.

What if I change my mind after signing up with PetSure Equine?

You have a 14 day money back guarantee period from the start date of your policy to review and cancel with no obligation. If you would like to cancel your policy after this period we require one calendar month’s written notice to cancel.

How can I find out more information about PetSure Equine and the costs?

Please refer to the Benefits and Premium Schedule for current rates and benefits or contact PetSure on 0861 378 463.